Applied Microeconomics, Fall Semester 2018 (First Half)

Wednesday, Period 3 at Room 514

Instructor: Yoshimasa Shirai


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Evaluation: submission of solution to problem sets and a research proposal


Models of Search

Lecture 1. September 26

Why search models instead of competitive equilibrium models?
A Model of Sequential Search [lecture note1]

Optimal Stopping Rule I: discrete time

      McMillan and Rothchild (1994)

Lecture 2. October 3

Optimal Stopping Rule I: discrete time (continued)


Lecture 3. October 10

Optimal Stopping Rule II: continuous time


Lecture 4. October 17

Price Dispersion (A Model of Non-Sequential Search)

     Diamond (1971) and Burdett and Judd (1983).


Lecture 5. October 24

Wage Dispersion (A Model of Wage Differentials, Firm Size, and Unemployment)

     Burdett and Mortensen (1998)


Lecture 6. October 31

Equilibrium Unemployment and Productivity

     Mortensen and Pissarides (1994)


Midterm Exam November 7

Wrap up.



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