Prof. Eiji HOSODA

Faculty of Economics
Keio University

Mita 2-15-45
Minato-ku, Tokyo
108-8345 JAPAN


Books (in Japanese)

How is a circulative use of resources possible? A new economic system which transforms bads into goods(Iwanami Shoten, 2015)

History of Civilization, Environment and Economy(NTT Press, 2010)

Risk and Premium in a Resource Circulating Society (ed.)(Keio University Press, 2009)

Design of a Material Circulating Society(Keio University Press, 2008)

Environmental Restriction and Reproducibility of an Economy(Keio University Press, 2007)

Environmental Economics(coauthored with YOKOYAMA Akira, Yuhikaku Publishing Co ,2007)

Economics of Goods and Bads (Toyokeizai, 1999)

Editted Book (in English)

The Economics of Waste Management in East Asia(Co-editted with Masashi Yamamoto, Routledge, 2016)


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