KES Discussion Paper Series:  1979年度〜2013年度 (2013年度で終了)

号数 著者 タイトル ページ数


No.13-1 Naoyuki Yoshino , Farhad Taghizadeh Hesary , Farhad Nili
Optimal Premiums for the Deposit Insurance System :
An Empirical Work on the Deposit Insurance System of Japan
2013 19
No.13-2 Hiroshi Onishi , Atsushi Tazoe
Birth of Agriculture and Its Development Caused by Population Pressure
2013 12


No.12-1 Hiroshi Onishi Marxian Optimal Growth Model; Reproduction Scheme and General Law of Capitalist Accumulation 2012 29
No.12-2 寺出道雄 「徂徠 素人の読み方 ―『政談』を学ぶ―」 2012 18
No.12-3 寺出道雄 「新井白石の貨幣政策論 ―「白石建議」を読む―」 2012 10
No.12-4 Ayumi Onuma and Eiji Sawada REDD and Optimal Carbon Credits Trading 2012 25
No.12-5 Hiroshi Onishi Superstructure Determined by Base 2012 20


No.12-1 Soh Kaneko
Cantillon on Value:  A Rational Reconstruction of the Roles of Landownership
2012 28


No.11-1 Keisuke Nakao, Masatoshi Tsumagari The Inquisitor Judge’s Trilemma 2011 21
No.11-2 Vipul Bhatt, Masao Ogaki Tough Love and Intergenerational Altruism 2011 50
No.11-3 Keisuke Nakao, Masatoshi Tsumagari Pseudo-Adversarialism 2011 37
No.11-4 Mikio Ito, Akihiko Noda CCAPM with Time-Varying Parameters: Some Evidence from Japan 2011 25


No.10-1 Mikio Ito, Akihiko Noda Information Criteria for Moment Restriction Models: An Application of Empirical Cressie-Read Estimator for CCAPM 2010 17
No.10-2 寺出道雄 <資料紹介>「「日本共産党運動年表」文部省思想局 刊行資料への共産党関係者による書き込み本」 2010 25
No.10-3 寺出道雄
「植物の再生産表式 ―門司正三再読―」 2010 17
No.10-4 Pranab Bardhan, Dilip Mookherjee and Masatoshi Tsumagari
Middlemen Margins and Globalization 2010 57
No.10-5 寺出道雄、徐一睿
<資料>「毛沢東の野坂参三宛て書簡」 2010 9
No.10-6 Dilip Mookherjee, Masatoshi Tsumagari
Mechanism Design with Limited Communication: Implications for Decentralization 2010 48
No.10-7 塩澤修平、大滝英生、壇原浩志
「経済成長、環境および環境保全の誘因」 2010 17
No.10-8 塩澤修平
「フィランソロピー、NPO、政府と社会的便益」 2010 13
No.10-9 塩澤修平
「中堅中小・新興企業ファイナンスと社会的インフラ ストラクチャー」 2010 15
No.10-10 Junichi Hasegawa
Reconstruction planning of  Plymouth during the Second World War 2010 22
No.10-11 Masaya Sakuragawa, Kaoru Hosono, and Kaoru Sano
Simulating fiscal sustainability in the US 2010 32
No.10-12 Masaya Sakuragawa & Yukie Sakuragawa
Quantitative Impacts of the Asset Price Channel in the Credit-Constrained Economy 2010 24
No.10-13 太田聰一
「就職氷河期における雇用と賃金の変化」 2010 24
No.10-14 太田聰一、安田宏樹
「内部労働市場と新規学卒者採用―中途採用者との比較から―」 2010 20


No.10-1 Eisei Ohtaki
A Note on Indeterminacy of Monetary Equilibrium in Stochastic OLG Models
2010  5


No.09-1 Michio Naoi, Miki Seko and Kazuto Sumita Community Rating, Cross Subsidies and Underinsurance: Why So Many Households in Japan Do Not Purchase Earthquake Insurance 2009 25
No.09-2 Michio Naoi, Miki Seko and Kazuto Sumita
Earthquake Risk and Housing Prices in Japan: Evidence Before and After Massive Earthquakes 2009 30
No.09-3 Miki Seko, Kazuto Sumita and Michio Naoi
Residential Mobility Decision in Japan: Identifying the Effects of Housing Equity Constraints and Income Shocks under the Recourse Loan System 2009 24
No.09-4 Takuji Arai
Convex Risk Measures on Orlicz Spaces: Convolution and Shortfall 2009 18


No.08-1 Hideo Akabayashi, Michio Naoi Does the Public Sector Crowd Out the Private Sector in the Higher Education Market?: Theory and Evidence from Japan 2008 20
No.08-2 寺出道雄
「比例と均衡-『経済表 範式』再考-」 2008 20


No.08-1 Ayako Obashi
Production Network in East Asia: Export Varieties and Trading Partners
2008 37
No.08-2 青蜿~子
2008 47


No.07-1 寺出道雄 「史料紹介『水野文書』」 2007 27
No.07-2 Mikio Ito, Shunsuke Sugiyama
Measuring the Degree of Time Varying Market Inefficiency
2007 10
No.07-3 Ayumi Onuma, Shin Sakaue
Non-cooperative and Cooperative Water Uses in a River Basin
2007 20
Takuji Arai, Muneki Kawaguchi
q-optimal martingale measures for discrete time models
2007 18
Takuji Arai Optimal hedging strategies on asymmetric functions
2007 9
櫻川昌哉, 細野薫
2007 26
Koji Ishibashi
Effects of Asymmetric Information within a Firm on Oligopolistic Market Outcomes
2007 23
Mikio Ito
A New Method for Estimating Economic Models with General Time-varying Structures
2007 18
Masaya Sakuragawa, Yukie Sakuragawa
Land Price, Collateral, and Economic Growth
2007 28
2007 33
Takuji Arai
Good Deal Bounds Induced by Shortfall Risk
2007 22
Naoyuki Yoshino
Steps Toward the Development and the Integration of Asia Bond Market
2007 28
Naoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, Tamon Asonuma
Dynamic Effect of Change in Exchange Rate System-Form the Fixed Exchange Rate Regime to the Basket-peg or Floating Regime
2007 31
Naoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, Tamon Asonuma
Simple Rule for Basket Weight under Basket Peg Regime
2007 41


No.07-1 Yuhki Hosoya
An Elementary Proof of Local Integrability
2007 3
No.07-2 Shin Sato
Strategy-proof Social Choice with Fixed Indifference Classes
2007 12
No.07-3 Toshiyuki Hirai
The menu-induced core of an economy with an excludable public good
2007 14
No.07-4 Shin Sato
A small dictatorial domain
2007 6
No.07-5 Shin Sato
On tne manipulation of Arrovian social Welfare functions
2007 14
No.07-6 Kazunobu Hayakawa, Toshiyuki
The Role of Market Potential in Location Choice: Evidence from Japanese Investment
2007 41


No.06-1 井堀利宏・岩本康志・河西康之・土居丈朗・山本健介 「 基準財政需要の近年の動向などに関する実証分析―基準財政需要額算定の簡素化に向けて―」 2006 187
Takuji Arai
L-projections of random variables and
its application to finance
2006 25
No.06-3 寺出道雄
「ビーヴァーと鹿の交換」 2006 13

井堀利宏・岩本康志・河西康之・土居丈朗・山本健介 「 基準財政需要額に占める『義務的な費用』に関する実証分析」 2006 156
No.06-5 伊藤幹夫
「状態空間モ デルの直接法による平滑化」 2006 22
No.06-6 伊藤幹夫・杉山俊輔   「市場効率性 の時変構造」 2006 30


No.06-1 Toshiyuki Hirai Von Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Sets of  Income Tax Rates in Public Good Economies 2006 31
No.06-2 Shin Sato On Constructing Strategy-Proof and Democratic Social Choice Correspondences: Possibility and Impossibility Results 2006 32
No.06-3 Shin Sato On the Informational Aspects of Social Choice Rules: Another Characterization of the Plurality Rule 2006 20
No.06-4 Shin Sato Social Choice of Ordered Pairs : Generalizations of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem 2006 30


No.05-1 Hiroaki Osana Externalities Do not Necessarily Require Larger Message Spaces for Realizing Pareto-Efficient Allocations 2005 67
No.05-2 Takuji Arai An Approximate Approach to the
Exponential Utility Indifference Valuation
2005 30
No.05-3 Ayumi Onuma Black Market and Trade Ban: Can the Ban Reduce Illegal Production? 2005 34
No.05-2 Yukichika Kawata
&Janis Ozolins
&Janis Baumanis
A Brief Comparison of the Latvian and Japanese Wildlife Management Systems with Some Economic Implications 2005 39


No.04-1 小室正紀・堀和孝・



<資料> 「官員録1 
彦根貞編『改正官員録』 明治11年12月24日御届・明治12年1月7日出版」
2004 368
No.04-2 Noriko Tsuya &
Chizu Yoshida
The Need for Childcare Services and Desired Fertility in Contemporary Urban  Japan: The Case of Yokohama City 2000 2004 21


No.04-1 Takuya Masuzawa Computation of Cores of Strategic Games with Punishment-Dominance
2004 20


No.03-1 Kunio Kawamata On the Measurement of Welfare Changes at Second-Best Optima 2003 18


 Koji Ishibashi & Toyokazu Kaneko Partial Privatization in Mixed Oligopoly with Price and Quality Competition 2003 25
No.03-3 Toshiyuki Hirai, Takuya Masuzawa, Mikio Nakayama Coalition-Proofness, Retaliations and Punishment Dominance in a Class of Strategic Games 2003 15
No.03-4 Ayumi Onuma The Broad Stock of Society's Capital And Sustainability 2003 21
No.03-5 Ayumi Onuma &Takashi Saito Some Effects of Deposit-Refund System on Producers and Consumers 2003 22


飯田恭 「『農場』と『小屋』
― 近世後期マルク・ブランデンブルクにおける土地希少化の諸相 ―」
2003 26


No.03-1 岸田 真 「日英同盟の経済的側面−中国市場進出 と日英資本提携をめぐる経済界の対応−」 2003 20


No.02-1 Michihiro Ohyama Effective Demand and National Income:A Microeconomics of the IS-LM Analysis 2002 20


Thomas Cargill
「財投融資の投資誘導効果と家計の資産選択行動」 2002 22
No.02-3 Michihiro Ohyama
& Hisao Nagata
Cooperation Failure among Consumers and the Keynesian Equilibrium 2002 16
No.02-4 Eiji Hosoda Convergence of a Short-Run Equilibrium to a Long-Run Equilibrium in a Emission Right 2002 29
No.02-5 Kunio Kawamata Cournot Competition and Access Pricing in Regulated Industries 2002 18
No.02-6 Makoto Yano Bertrand Price Competition and the Competitive Outcome 2002 51
No.02-7 Hiroaki Osana Externalities Do Not Necessarily Require Larger Size of Message Spaces for Realizing Pareto-Efficient Allocations 2002 33


No.02-1 Yukihisa Utsumi
Existence of Strong Equilibria 2002 10
No.02-2 Takuya Masuzawa

N-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma Games are

Oridinal Convex
2002 11


No.01-1 飯島高雄&
「韓国の金融システムにおける政府の役割」 2001 47
No.01-2 Ken’ichi  Tomobe &Tomoko Shimada Patterns of Peasant’s Market Behavior Embedded in Agricultural Production of Early Meiji Japan: a quantitative analysis of Nohi Ryogoku Choson Ryakushi, ca.1882
2001 16
No.01-3 Noriko O. Tsuya Family Formation, Childbearing and Population Aging in Japan
2001 23
No.01-4 Ken’ichi Tomobe Agricultural Production Function, Labor Productivity, and Wage Embedded in Meiji Peasant Productive Behaviors: a quantitative analysis of Nohi Ryogoku Choson Ryakushi, ca. 1881 2001 17
No.01-5 Yukihisa Utsumi & Mikio Nakayama The Regulated Strong Equilibria and Cores in a Public Goods Economy 2001 16


No.01-1 坂口 誠 「近代横浜市におけるペスト対策  −1902〜09年の流行を事例として−」 2001 15
No.01-2 梅原秀元 「統計にみる伝染病―『衛生局年報』 の統計から−」 2001 12
No.01-3 Yukihisa Utsumi The Existence of TU Strong Equilibria and Cooperation Effects for Horizontal Mergers
2001 14


No.00-1 Ken’ichi Tomobe Coale-Trussell indices,breast-feeding and infanticide in Tokugawa Japan 2000 34
No.00-2 友部謙一 「徳川前期の人口増加と『家』の成立―人口と市場経済からみた『直系家族』形成試 論─」 2000 33
No.00-3 Yi-Hang Shao & Denzo Kamiya A New Approach to the  Economic Growth with Endogenous Government Spending 2000 18
No.00-4 Teruo Nakatsuma Bayesian ARCH Model Selection 2000 26
No.00-5 Yukihisa Utsumi & Mikio Nakayama The Core Equals Strong Equilibria in a Public Goods Economy 2000 10
No.00-6 Mikio 
Kinship Recognition and Self-Sacrifice in the Prisoner’s Dilemma
2000 13
No.00-7 友部謙一 「幕末期摂津農村における市場経済化・農家経済・ライフサイクル:摂津国多紀郡大 山宮村、天保4年〜慶應2年─プロト工業化論の批判的検討と歴史人口学の成果─」
2000 31
No.00-8 友部謙一 「歴史人口学における方法と史料:数量経済史と社会史の接点」 2000 12
No.00-9 津谷典子 「近世日本の出生レジ−ム:奥州二本松藩農村の人別改帳デ−タのイベント・ヒスト リー分析」
2000 29
No.00-10 Noriko O.Tsuya Nuptiality change in Asia: Patterns, Causes, and Prospects 2000 49


No.9901 吉野直行、中田真佐男 「平成不況期における設備投資の低迷と財投融資の投資誘導効果 ―設備投資関数と設備資金貸出供給関数の同時方程式体系による実証分析―」 1999 56
No.9902 Michihiro Ohyama The Economic Significance of the GATT/WTO Rules 1999 23
No.9903 友部謙一 「徳川農村における『出生力』とその近接要因について―『間引き』説の批判と農村 母性の変遷をめぐる考察―」 1999 33
No.9904 友部謙一 「日本農村の出生力水準―ハッテライト指標の分析1700年代から1930年代 ―」 1999 26
No.9905 土居丈朗 「わが国の政府債務に持続可能性と財政運営」 1999 21
No.9906 Yoshimasa Shirai Moral Hazard in Credit Market and Economic Growth 1999 21
No.9907 Yoshimasa Shirai Investment Dynamics with Changing Attitudes toward Risk 1999 36
No.9908 Yoshimasa Shirai Product Development Cycles 1999 30
No.9909 Masanao Aoki & Yoshimasa Shirai Another Look at the Diamond Search Model: Stochastic Cycles and Equilibrium Selection in Search Equilibrium 1999 34
No.9910 友部謙一 「プロト工業化と人口」 1999 16
No.9911 友部謙一 「近世中後期の人口」 1999 20
No.9912 Sahoko Kaji The End of Japan as We Have Known It 1999 14
No.9913 Sahoko Kaji What can Countries do to avoid a Financial Crisis? 1999 27
No.9914 友部謙一 「歴史のなかの家族と『家』の成立-人口と市場からた近世日本農村の事例-」 1999 14
No.9915 Makoto Yano Trade Imbalance and Domestic Market Competition Policy 1999 30
No.9916 友部謙一 「百姓一揆からみた幕末農民の市場『心性』Mentalite―市場・権力・地 域,1844年〜1867年―KEIO-CRONOS(G-SEC)をつかって」 1999


No.9801 Makoto Yano Aid Non-Traded Goods and the Transfer Paradox in Small Countries 1998 39
No.9802 Michihiro Ohyama Market Trade and Welfare in General Equilibrium 1998 30
No.9803 Eiji Hosoda Bads as Joint Products 1998 32
No.9804 Makoto Yano & Fumio Dei A Trade Model with Vertical Production Chain Competition Policy in the Downstream Sector 1998 31
No.9805 Takako Fujiwara-Greve & Carsten Krabbe Nielsen Learning with Forward Looking Players 1998 28
No.9806 Sahoko Kaji Financial Markets and Globalisation 1998 59


No.G9801 Takemitsu Morikawa Der Psychologismus und seine Üwindung. Max Weber und Friedrich Gottl  1998 18
G9802 三島憲之 <国家経済会に関する資料紹介>
「『国家経済会報告』総目次、 会員略歴、関連年譜、その他」


No.9701 吉野直行中田真佐男 「政策金融の投資誘導効果」 1997 33
No.9702 Takako Fujiwara-Greve Repeated Games with Outside Offers I: Structure of Trigger Strategy Equilibrium Payoffs 1997 52
No.9703 Hideo Nakano & Shumpei Takemori Is the High Land Price an Obstacle to Foreign Direct Investment in Japan? 1997 39
No.9704 Ph. R. Mosse Health Care Reforms in Europe -a view from Japan- 1997 22
No.9705 Hiroaki Osana Nash-Implementation of the Weak Pareto Choice Rule for Indecomposable Environments 1997 33
No.9706 James R. Rhodes & Naoyuki Yoshino Window Guidance by the Bank of Japan : Was Lending Controlled? 1997 41
No.9707 Sahoko Kaji Successful Structural reforms after Emu 1997 37
No.9708 柳澤 遊 「慶應義塾図書館『満鉄』関係蔵書目録」 1997 80
No.9710 Koji Ishibashi Optimal Financial Contracts for Long-Term Projects under the Presence of Competing Firms 1997 34
No.9711 Koji Ishibashi Strategic Delegation under Quality Competition 1997 29
No.9712 Ken'ichi Tomobe Statistical Observations on Stillbirth and Infant Death of North-Eastern Tokugawa Villages and Illegal Abortion of Later Meiji Japan : Toward A Social Sciences History of Childbirth in Traditional Japan 1997 18
No.9713 矢野 誠 「一般均衡モデルにおける財政政策の一時性と恒久性について」 1997 55
No.9714 Makoto Yano Stability and Turnpike Theorems in Dynamic Competitive Equilibrium 1997 43
No.9715 Sahoko Kaji The Japanese Financial Sector and Globalisation 1997 34


No.9601 Takako Fujiwara-Greve & Henrich R. Greve "Industry Diversity Inequality and Reputational on Wages : Evidence from Norwegian Data" 1996 40
No.9602 吉野直行、義村政治 「地価の変動要因とそのマクロ経済効果」 1996 15
No.9603 瀬下博之、吉野直行 「地価の変動が銀行行動に与える影響」 1996 23
No.9604 Shuhei Shiozawa Environmental Tax System and Efficient Energy Allocation 1996 15


No.9501 吉野直行 「新産業育成のための金融商品の提供」 1995 21
No.9502 Eiji Hosoda On Asymmetry of Price Control and Quantity Control in an Environmental Policy 1995 17
No.9503 Naoyuki Yoshino & Masaharu Yoshimura An Empirical Analysis of Monetary Policy Reactions and Monetary Policy Instruments in Japan 1995 30
No.9504 吉野直行、藤田康範 「寡占的金融市場における公的金融の役割」 1995 13
No.9505 Takako Fujiwara-Greve Wage Differentials as Reputation Equilibria 1995 43
No.9506 Yoko Sazanami & Wong Yu Ching The Determinants of Intrafirm Transactions and Intrafirm Trade Among Japanese MNEs 1996 30


No.9401 Eiji Hosoda Wastes Recycling and Reproduction in a Linear Economy 1994 22
No.9402 Hiroaki Osana Nash-Implementation of the Weak Pareto Choice Rule for Indecomposable Environments 1994 12
No.9403 吉野直行、藤田康範 「公的金融と民間金融が存続する金融市場における競争と経済厚生」 1994 18
No.9404 Yoko Sazanami & Wong Yu Ching Strategies of Japanese Multinationals : Changes in the Locational Importance of Asia EC and North America 1994 28


No.G9401 Emiko Magoshi Trans-Cultural Management of Japanese Multinationals 1994 34
No.G9402 Rie Shibuya Ambivalente Romantik : Naturund Sozietatsphilosophie bei Franz Xaver von Baader 1994 61


No.9301 Eiji Hosoda & Michio Terade Woodcutting in an Agricultural Community 1993 23
No.9302 Shumpei Takemori & Masatoshi Tsumagari Optimal Trade Taxes in the Presence of Foreign Ownership and Equity Exchanges 1993 27
No.9303 Eiji Hosoda Trade of Emission Rights and Stability 1993 17
No.9304 Hiroaki Osana The Minimal Informational Size of Message Spaces of Allocation Mechanisms for Indecomposable Environments 1993 27
No.9305 吉野直行、義村政治 「金融政策反応関数の変化とマネーサプライコントロール」 1993 46
No.9306 Shuhei Shiozawa International Capital Movements -Competitive Capital Market and Direct Investment- 1993 25
No.9307 Naoyuki Yoshino Changing Behavior of Private Banks and Corporations and Monetary Policy in Japan 1993 56


No.G9301 Hussein Kotby The Privatization Debate : A Micro-Economic Perspective 1993 35


No.9201 Eiji Hosoda Consumers' Puchase of Emission Rights 1992 30
No.9202 Kunio Kawamata & Koji Ishibashi "Labour Efforts Interpersonal Comparisons of Utility and Optimal Taxation" 1992 22
No.9203 Yoko Sazanami Japanese Service Foreign Direct Investment to the Asia Pacific 1992 22


No.9101 Fumimasa Hamada A Mechanism of Swelling Currency 1991 26
No.9102 Yoko Sazanami Determinants of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment-Locational Attractiveness of European Countries to Japanese Multinationals 1991 54


No.G9101 井出多加子 「地価の動学的マクロ経済分析―金融緩和と土地税制の効果に関する理論・実証研 究」 1991 28


No.9001 Eiji Hosoda On Technology and Value 1990 21
No.9002 中野英夫 「財政製作の産出効果について」 1990 54
No.9003 Shuhei Shiozawa Monetary Policy and International Money Flow 1990 19
No.9004 Michihiro Ohyama Firms Entry and Hysteresis in the Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model of Production and Trade 1990 37
No.9005 Tadaaki Yoshioka An Incentive Compatible Tax Rule for Attaining Lindahl Allocations 1990 13
No.9006 Tadaaki Yoshioka Nash Implementation of Walrasian Allocations by A Smooth and Balanced Outcome Function for Two or Agents 1990 7
No.9007 Eiji Hosoda Growth and Distribution under An Environmental Restriction 1990 40


No.8901 Fumimasa Hamada Distributed Expectations and Security Price Determination 1989 29
No.8902 Michihiro Ohyama Human Capital and Endogenous Economic Growth 1989 26
No.8903 "Shinsuke Nakamura Qi Li and Guoqiang Tian" Nash-Implementation of the Lindahl Correspondence with Decreasing Returns to Scale Technology 1989 19


No.8801 Michihiro Ohyama Exchange Rates the Terms of Trade and the Current Account 1988 42
No.8802 Michio Terade A Marxian Interpretation of Asiatic Societies 1988 33
No.8803 Eiji Hosoda A Desegregated Capitalist Economy in A Short-Run Equilibrium 1988 27


No.18 Fumimasa Hamada A Dynamic Anticipation and Economic Behavior : An Application of the Expect System 1987 20
No.19 Yoko Sazanami The Japanese Economy between Western Europe and Asia 1987 28
No.20 平野絢子 「戦後日本の近代化投資と産業資金供給」 1987 9
No.21 大島通義 「戦後日本の財政政策と経済の高度成長への展開」 1987 9
No.22 常盤政治 「戦後の日本の三大改革と高度経済成長」 1987 9


No.16 Eiji Hosoda Competitive Equilibrium and Wage-Profit Frontier 1986 30
No.17 Eiji Hosoda Reconsideration of the Dual Relationship in A Theory of Capital : Graphical Presentation 1986 26


No.14 Yoko Sazanami & Atsuko Matsumura Income and Price Elasticities in U.S.-Japan Bilateral Trade 1985 12
No.15 Haruo Shimada & Hitoshi Hayami The Revision of Labor Standard Law ―Japanese Case 1985 34


No.8 Kunio Kawamata Conjectural Variations and Oligopolistic Equilibrium 1984 31
No.9 Michihiro Ohyama Factor Endowment and the Pattern of Commodity and Factor Trade 1984 19
No.10 Michihiro Ohyama The Natural Wage Rate Hypothesis : A Theory of Unemployment and Inflation 1984 23
No.11 Shinsuke Nakamura Existence of Fair Allocations in an Economy with Public Goods 1984 20
No.12 Yukio Watanabe The Role of Very Small Engineering Firms in Tokyo 1984 25
No.13 Yoko Sazanami Japanese Trade in the Pacific Rim―Relationship between Trade & Investment― 1984 29


No.6 Haruo Shimada International Trade and Labour Market Adjustment : A Case of Japan 1983 50
No.7 Haruo Shimada An Analysis of Trends in Female Labor Force Participation in Japan 1983 29


No.4 Haruo Shimada Wage Determination and Labor Market in Japan : A Corporatist Approach 1982 39
No.5 Haruo Shimada Japanese Postwar Industrial Growth & Labor-Management Relations 1982 10


No.3 Osamu Saito Population and the Peasant Family Economy in Proto-Industrial Japan 1981 23


No.1 "Yoko Sazanami J. Kikuchi & K. Onoda" Effects of Trade Liberalization on Employment and Economic Welfare -Some Quantitative Assessments of Removing Trade Barriers on Agricultural Products in Japan 1979 25
No.2 Fumimasa Hamada Inter-Industry Allocation of Investment : An Economic Approach 1979 52

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