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Volume 37, No.2, 2000

Antonio D'Agata, "An Adaptive Monopolistic General Equlibrium Model with Local Knowledge of Demand" p.1-7

Tarun Kabiraj, "Providing Protection to Foreign-Owned Patents: A Strategic Decision"

Yasuhito Tanaka, "Stochastically Stable States in a Duopoly with Differentiated Goods"

Prabal Ray Chaudhuri, "Joint Product Developments: Some Dynamic Issues" p.37-50

Hiroaki Ishigaki, "Strategic Entry Deterrence through Informative Advertising in a Vertically Differentiated-Product Market" p.51-57

Volume 37, No.1, 2000

Paramosothty Sivapulle, Mervyn Silvapulle and Maria Soupourzis, "Business Cycle Asymmetry and the Stock Market in Japan" p.1-12

Jati K. Sengupta, "Nonparametric Efficiency Measurement under Demand and Cost Uncertainty" p.13-32

Manash Ranjan Gupta, "Duty Free Zone and Unemployment in a Fair Wage Model" p.33-44

Prabal Ray Chaudhuri, "Joint Ventures among Exporting Firms" p.45-52

ImadA. Moosa, "Arbitrage, Hedging, Speculation and the Pricing of Crude Oil Futures Contracts" p.53-62

Sugata Marjit and Sibal Kar, "Gradual Trade Reform and the Current Account--The Role of Intermediate Goods" pp.63-70

Akihiko Yanase, "International Income Transfers and Environmental Quality: A note" pp.71-77


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