Yoshimasa Shirai's Fun (and Informative?) Links

Always under construction.

    Hobbies and Friends: 

      Ogikubo Toho: A place for 60's Toho-movie fans.

      ShigeBass Club Home Page: classical contrabass player, Shigeru Ishikawa.

      Tak Tokiwa: Jazz and Photo related page of Takehiko Tokiwa.

      Shin-ichi's Bass World: My friend Jazz bassist Sato-san.

      Lawrence Wilke: A great cello maker who happened to be my high school orchestra mate.

      Carl  Becker and Son: The place where I  bought my cello. You can hear how it sounds here (The tune is called " 25/26", composed by Yoshinori Matsumoto. He is playing guitars)

      Naoya Otsuka: A cembalist.

     My former classmates at Northwestern; Eugenio Miravete at Texas Austin, Alessandro Lizzeri at Princeton, Nicola Persico at Northwestern, Leonard Wantchekon at Princeton, Zvika Neeman at Tel Aviv, Maristella Botticini and Massimo Marinacci at Bocconi, Enriqueta Aragones at Institut D'analisi Economica (l'Autonoma), Phil Haile at Yale, Eugene Canjels at U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission, Martin Pesendorfer at LSE, Mark Coppejans at BlackRock, Chris Gust at Fed Board, Dan Aaronson at Chicago Fed, Richard Chisik at Ryerson, Tosh Maruta at Nihon Univ.

     My advisors at Northwestern; Kiminori Matsuyama and Asher Wolinsky