On "Non-Cooperative Game Theory" (Springer, 2015)

Erratum: first printing.

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Solutions to Problems

Solutions to all exercises are now available! Free of charge but only to instructors who use the book in a course.

・Please send an email from an official email address of yours (at a university, research institution etc.) to takakofg-office (at) econ.keio.ac.jp with the title "Request for the solutions of the exercises in Non-Cooperative Game Theory". In your message, please include the following information. The ones marked with (mandatory) must be included. Please do not attach a file to the message!

・Your name and main affiliation.(mandatory)

・A link to a publicly-accessible webpage which shows that you are affiliated with the above institution as an instructor.(mandatory) (If you are an TA, then ask your professor to contact me.)

・A link to a publicly-accessible webpage that this book is used in a course (mandatory) and information of the course contents.

・Your agreement not to make the solutions available to anyone else. (mandatory)

I will respond within a week usually. (Please allow more time during breaks.)