AY 2018 Courses

All courses except PEARL courses are taught in Japanese.


  • Mita Campus: Game Theory a (Spring; Non-cooperative Games)
  • Mita Campus: Seminar on Game Theory and Microeconomics (two years; needs permission)

    Hiyoshi Campus: PEARL Introductory Microeconomics II (Spring)

    Course materials are to be posted at keio.jp.

    Hiyoshi Campus: Elementary Microeconomics II (Fall, for Type A students)

    Graduate School

    Advanced Game Theory (Spring; with Prof. Toru Hokari)
    Prerequisitits: Game Theory for undergraduates and some topology.

    Seminar on Mathematics of Economics (Spring and Fall; with Prof. Shinsuke Nakamura, Prof. Toru Hokari, and Lecturer Yu)