Asian Real Estate Society Sixth Annual Conference in Japan
Tentative Agenda  (July 25, 2001) Tentative Agenda - Detailed Program (July 25, 2001)        
Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Morning Sessions (10:00-12:00)    
Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speeches   
  Welcome Speech: Yuichiro Anzai, President, Keio University
  Presidential Address : "Housing and Land in Japan: Policies and Markets"  Miki Seko, President, AsRES 
  Keynote Speech : "Japanese Structural Reform"  Eisuke Sakakibara, Keio University
  Keynote Speech : "Dispersed Employment, Commuting and Mixed Land Use in Modern Cities"  William C. Wheaton, MIT 
Afternoon Sessions    
Session A (13:30-15:00)  
  1-1 Macro Analysis of Housing and Asset 
  1-2 Housing and Affordability
  1-3 English Panel: Real Estate Prices and Capital Markets
  2-1 Real Option(1)
  2-2 Real Estate Investment(1)
Session B (15:20-17:20)  
  1-4 Housing Market and Price Determination
  1-5 Land Use Policy
  1-C1 Chinese Session I
  2-3 CMBS&Finance
  2-4 English Panel: Real Estate Securitization in Asia
Thursday, August 2, 2001
Morning Sessions    
Session C (9:00-10:30)  
  1-6 Housing Demand and Tenure Choice(1)
  1-7 Urban Economics(1)
  1-8 Housing Market(1)
  2-5 Real Option(2)
  2-6 T.O.M.&Liquidity
Session D (10:45-12:35)  
  1-9 Location Analysis
  1-10 Urban Development and City Planning
  1-11 English Panel: Tenure and Real Estate   
  2-7 MBS
  2-8 Real Estate Market and Industry
Afternoon Sessions    
Session E (14:10-15:40)  
  1-12 Externalities, Land value 
  1-13 Housing Market (2)
  1-C2 Chinese Session II
  2-9 Liquidity&Market Analysis
  2-10 Japanese Panel:Developing Market For Real Estate Investment
Session  F(16:00-17:50)  
  1-14 Hedonic Analysis and Price Index
  1-15 Land Prices and Speculation
  1-J1 Japanese Session I
  2-11 Mortgage
  2-12 Real Option(3)
  2-13 English Panel: Success and Obstacles in Creating Robust
Secondary Mortgage Markets 
Friday, August 3, 2001
Morning Sessions    
Session G (9:00-10:50)  
  1-16 Housing Demand & Tenure Choice (2)
  1-17 Housing Market(3)
  1-18 Land Use and GIS 
  2-14 REIT
  2-15 Real Estate Portfolio
Session H(11:10-13:00)  
  1-19 Housing Economics
  1-20 Urban Economics(2)
  1-J2 Japanese Session II
  2-16 Real Estate Investment(2)
  2-17 Risk, Return and Price Dynamics
Session Classification 
1. Housing and Urban Economics, Urban Development, GIS, Land Use, Land Price - Chair: Ryohei Nakamura
2. Investment, Finance, Financial Engineering and Market Analysis  - Chair: Yuichiro Kawaguchi