EXECUTIVE  EDITORS    K. W. Chau   Ko Wang  
EDITORS    Chin-Oh Chang  Zhenming Ge  Tyler T. Yang


Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1998

Presidential Address  
Real Estate Research in Asia-Past, Present and the Future K. W Chau
Real Estate Asset Allocations and International Real Estate Markets

Gregory H. Chun

James D. Shilling

Asymmetric Price Response to Supply: Evidence from Singapore Edward Ng
Mortgage Prepayment Behavior in a Market with ARMs Only

Jis He

Ming Lin

Aggregated Needs and the Location Choice of Households in Taipei

Chin-Oh Chang

Shu-Mei CHen

Shiawee X. Yang

Housing Price Dynamics and Granger Causality: An Analysis of Taipei New Dwelling Market

Ming-Chi Chen

Kanak Patel

Market and Policy Papers  
Government Intervention and the Performance of the Housing Sector in Urban China Hongyu Liu
Industrial Rents and Land Values in Sydney Property Market Jinu Kim


Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1999

Keynote Address  
Real Estate Prices and Economic Cycles  John M, Quigley
Institutional Factors and Real Estate Returns - A Cross Country Study

Hsien-hsing Liao

Jianping (J.P.) Mei

Property Taxation and The Demand for Floor Space in Japan Miki Seko
Land Use Rights, Government Land Supply, and the Pattern of Redevelopment in Shanghai

Yuming Fu

Tsur Somerville

Mengdi Gu

Tongcheng Huang

Hedonic Prices and House Numbers: The Influence of Feng Shui

Steven C. Bourassa

Vincent S. Peng

Land Development in Emerging Markets Yuming Li
An Estimation of Elasticities of Consumption Demand and Investment Demand for Owner-Occupied Housing in Taiwan: A Two-Period Model

Chu-Chis Lu

Sue-Jing Lin

Market and Policy Papers  
Expectation and Housing Price Dynamics Following Deregulation in Korea in Urban China

Kyung-Hwan Kim

Chung-Ho Kim

Land-Supply Restrictions, Developer Strategies and Housing Policies: The Case in Hong Kong

Neng Lai

Ko Wang


Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2000

Keynote Address  
Financial Development, Real Estate Development and Economic Development Sheridan Titman
The Relationship between Housing Price, Tenure Choice and Saving Behavior in Taiwan

Li-Min Hsueh

Spatial Autocorrelation in a Retail Context

Charles C. Carter

William J. Haloupek

Housing affordability and upward mobility from public to private housing in Singapore

Seow Eng Ong

Housing Demand in Tokyo

Piyush Tiwari

Over-Confidence and Cycles in Real Estate Markets: Cases in Hong Kong and Asia

Ko Wang

Yuqing Zhou

Su Han Chan

K. W. Chau

Life Cycle, Mortgage Payment, and Forced Savings

Chu-Chia Lin

Chien-Liang Chen

Sue-Jing Lin

Market and Policy Papers  
Make It Simple and Light: Some Thoughts on Real Estate Related Taxation in China

Anthony Y. Gu

Joseph W. Trefzger