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Asian Real Estate Society


Members will receive our official Journal (International Real Estate Review), Newsletters, invitation to attend and participate in the AsRES annual conference, opportunities to link up with other real estate academics and practitioners all over the world through AsRES.

Membership due for 2001 (Please check the appropriate box)

  o Student member: US$10 / HK$75
  o Individual member: US$20 / HK$150
  o Library member1: US$100 / HK$750
  o Corporate member: US$100 / HK$750
  o Institutional Sponsor2: US$700 / HK$5,250
  o President's Council2: US$2,000 / HK$14,000

1. Library members can enjoy a 50% discount and get all the 2001 issues of the Journal of the Real Estate Society free if they apply before December 31, 2001.
2. Institutional Sponsors and President's Council will be acknowledged by AsRES through its publications and other activities. Special acknowledgments will be given to President's Council.

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Membership Reply Form (PDF Formatted)

Membership Reply Form

I want to join / renew my membership of the Asian Real Estate Society and have enclosed my 2001 membership fee amounting to

Name**:______________________________________ Title:________________________________________
Institution/Organization :_________________________________________________________________________
Address : ___________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone :_________________________________ Fax :___________________________________________
Email : ______________________________________________________________________________________
Method of Payment : o Visa o Mastercard o Cheque or Money Order(payable to the Asian Real Estate Society)
Card Number : ______________________________ Expiry date : ____________________________________
Signature : __________________________________ Date : _________________________________________

Please send the completed form to:

  Asian Real Estate Society
  c/o Department of Real Estate and Construction
  The University of Hong Kong
  Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
  Tel : 852-28578628,Fax : 852-25401836, Email :


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